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Idillicah - "Rebirth of the Future" (UK Edition)

Image of Idillicah - "Rebirth of the Future" (UK Edition)


This is the UK edition of the terrific debut album from Idillicah.

Idillicah started off as a solo studio project, led by Paraguayan-born Marcos Codas in 2005. The first demos consisted of mixed ideas, incorporating different styles of metal and rock, most prominently Doom and Gothic metal.

All songs were recorded, mixed and mastered by Marcos Codas himself in his Canada-based studio, while the artwork was done by Paraguayan graphic artist Raquel Codas.

Click here to read an interview with Marcos Codas.

Track List:
1. Introduction to Your Conscience
2. The Mask
3. Under the Shining Moon
4. Gone
5. Erised
6. Revolution
7. Born Again
8. Your Memory Won't Fade Away
9. Linger
10. Falling Curtains
11. Under the Shining Moon (Acoustic)
12. Riders on the Storm (The Doors cover - exclusive to the UK edition)