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ZORORMR - "Kval"

Image of ZORORMR - "Kval"

£8.00 - On Sale

ZORORMR's "Kval" was one of my favourite albums of 2010 (in fact, you can see just how much I loved it by clicking here to read my review... Hell, while you're at it you can also click here to read an interview with ZORORMR!) and so it gives me great pleasure to announce that the CD is now available to buy here!

"Kval" is a work of ambient Black Metal mastery. ZØRORMR takes on all of the instrumental and vocal duties, apart from in one instance – the guitar solo in “Misanthropy” (this was done by Quazarre from Devilish Impressions and Crionics). ZØRORMR shows off his remarkable skills at composition on every track on this album. Each song is crafted to near-perfection. They’re atmospheric and leave you on edge, raw yet inviting and all together completely and utterly powerful.
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Track List:
1. I Dodens Slug
2. Misanthropy (featuring a guitar solo from Quazarre [Devilish Impressions, Crionics])
3. Kval (Svar Mig, Gud)
4. Beyond Atonement
5. Threnody for Him
6. Every Night I Die
7. Revelation 9:11
8. The Antichrist
9. Himmelens Rike